Finding the best ingredients

Set up last year by Michelin-starred chef Philip Britten, Solstice is based on the novel idea of providing an intermediary service between the restaurant trade and its suppliers. The company will hand-pick, prepare and deliver specialist food and premium ingredients.

Its client list currently includes Bank, The Capital and The Ritz restaurants, but Britten wants to expand. He has given up his job cooking at The Capital so that he can concentrate on increasing his client base and creating a retail brand to offer to individuals.

Solstice is preparing to launch its new identity, created by Interstate Associates, on 26 April. The identity aims to reflect the company’s character – the sun image symbolises life and nature and is equated with healthy growth and organic produce. Its graphic interpretation combines a sophisticated design with a simple idea, creating an image intended to engage visually but also impart a message. The handwritten script portrays the dedication of the company and its commitment to quality products.

The name Solstice, chosen when the company was formed, is important not only because it is a symbol of growth but also because the company was set up on Midsummer Day.

Although plans for the brand are not definite, Interstate managing director Georgia Shields says there is a possibility of selling the concept to a supermarket chain or perhaps setting up a standalone shop.

Britten is impressed with the identity which he believes looks to the future. ‘It strikes a chord,’ he says.

Interstate is now turning its attention to the task of applying the identity to digital media, which the design group hopes will reduce costs and increase efficiency. The website is in place, although it has not yet been launched.

The identity will be implemented on everything from promotional material to delivery vans, and has been designed with flexibility in mind so it can brand any of Britten’s future enterprises.

Design: Interstate Associates

Client: Solstice.

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