When it comes to the iMac, looks do count

I’ve just read Nico Macdonald’s letter (DW 26 March) about the iMac. Perhaps Mr Macdonald should learn how to use a Mac properly – or, as I suspect, he is a PC user getting in a covert attack on Macs.

OS8, which runs on iMacs (and all new Macs), was heavily rewritten a couple of years ago. It has nothing in common with the 1984 operating system, which was designed to run on 68 000-processor Macs. It is known by all but the most basic of Mac users, that to restart a Mac on crashing you hold “control”, “option” and then press the start-up key.

Compared to Windows-based PCs, the Mac OS is a design masterpiece. As for the overall look of the iMac, it was and is the horrid appearance of most PCs which put many off using a computer.

The iMac is aimed squarely at home users. I would argue that its looks are just as important as, if not more than, the way it works. It might not quite be the fastest home PC, but I know what I would rather have in my living room.

Andrew McQuire

Lloyd’s Register


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