15 April 2010

Quiet zone

Sony’s collaboration with Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for the Milan furniture fair opens today. Inspired by Sony’s new design concept ‘monolithic design’ – a minimalist style that uses only what is necessary, the designers have interwoven electronics into furniture and architectural design. The show is set in an anechoic chamber – a room filled […]

Venetian fancies

When you imagine the recycle aesthetic of Brazil’s Campana brothers, you wouldn’t naturally place them in a 19th-century, Rothschild-owned manor house in the Buckinghamshire countryside. But that’s where Humberto and Fernando Campana’s new collection of chandeliers is heading next month. From 1 May, Waddesdon Manor hosts Glass Experiences, an exhibition of new designs by the […]

Marx to marques

As China’s economy continues to grow and its consumers become wealthier, indigenous companies are anxious to rival the global awareness of established Western marques. Sarah Woods looks at how businesses there are discovering the importance of an effective branding strategy

Kanal 5

Screen aesthetics

Emphasis on typographic principles for online use is still lagging behind type in print, but as live Web fonts are becoming a reality, digital designers are increasingly addressing these issues and paying more attention to how text can work on screen. Anna Richardson reports on a new era of on-screen design

Adam D Tihany

Profile: Adam D Tihany

The work of this veteran restaurant designer can be sampled in major cities across the globe, and in 2010 he is returning to London to create venues for two Michelin-starred chefs. Kerstin Kühn talks to the ’factotum’ who never repeats himself


Webb & Webb has created a new look for the Harry Potter books. What is your favourite children’s book, and why?

Technical finesse is a poor substitute for creativity

In response to Philip Ainley’s letter regarding young talent (DW 8 April), I couldn’t agree more. I took on a graduate a few years ago. Technically he is good, he is very reliable and he brings energy to the team, but when it comes to creativity, it just isn’t there. I guess that’s what I’ve […]

It’s the loss of departmental rosters that will really hurt

I am puzzled about why you are giving such prominence to the changes in Central Office of Information design procurement procedures (News, DW 1 April), yet ignoring the far larger change that is taking place. (I accept you kindly published my letter on 18 March, but that’s the only publicity the matter below has had.) […]

I’d bring in a visionary with brand building expertise

If my consultancy were to bring in a new non-executive director from outside of the industry (Voxpop, DW 11 February), I would like them to challenge and contribute to our vision, scrutinise our performance and have an interesting little black book. So, I’d go for someone like Nick Jones – a complete visionary in his […]

If the logo is dead, what’s all this then?

I think that Simon Manchipp (Insight, DW 1 April) had better have a rethink about his ideas before he continues to evangelise on calling a halt on the logo, or at the very least have a look at his own company’s website. Why exactly are there 34 (yes, that’s 34) logos on Someone’s home page? […]

Inspired: Tin Brown – Landor Associates

A £3.50 return ticket for a seven-minute train ride to oblivion, the end of the world’s longest pleasure pier, tons of Victorian iron jutting out into a muddy estuary, where the blast of black air from a fog horn blowing up Aunt Daphne’s dress awaits. Southend. I grew up in this town by the sea. […]

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