Quiet zone

Sony’s collaboration with Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for the Milan furniture fair opens today. Inspired by Sony’s new design concept ‘monolithic design’ – a minimalist style that uses only what is necessary, the designers have interwoven electronics into furniture and architectural design.

The show is set in an anechoic chamber – a room filled with sound absorbing cones so the space is completely noiseless. The space had been designed to sharpen visitor’s hearing and vision to make the most out of Sony’s fusions between sound, lighting and interiors.

Five areas of the exhibition showcase upcoming Sony innovations, including lighting that doubles up as a sound system and near-field speakers built into pieces of furniture, which allow listeners to have a surround-sound experience without distracting others in the room.

Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby say, ‘We found it most interesting to explore abstracted, pure forms, each one representing a different area of the living space. We have used simple raw materials, since these seemed a strong partner for the great complexity of the microtechnology that they were paired with.’

The result is some innovative and sleek products, which will no doubt come in handy in living rooms of the future, even if yours doesn’t quite match the Milan show’s sci-fi cave.


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