Friday 16 August There are two exhibitions at the Barbican. The first is a collection of Rachel Alkalay’s landscape paintings.

Friday 16 August

There are two exhibitions at the Barbican. The first is a collection of Rachel Alkalay’s landscape paintings. Alkalay depicts the Galilee region of Israel and the Sinai desert, while Turned On: Anthony Bryant is an exhibition of Bryant’s wood-turned works from small pieces to large vessels.

Venue: Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London EC2.

Details: 0171-638 8891.

Friday 16 August 10.30am – 4.30pm

Continuing is another one-day workshop held by The Federation of Artists. Participants must bring their own materials for the workshops, but tutors will be on hand to advise and demonstrate. Until 23 August.

Venue: The Federation of British Artists, Mall Galleries, 17 Carlton House Terrace, London SWl.

Details: Send a stamped addressed envelope to the above address.

Saturday 17 August

For those of you in the Bath area, the current Six Chapel Row exhibition is entitled Sunny Spells. Paintings are by Emrys Williams. Until 14 September.

Venue: Six Chapel Row, Bath BAl lHN.

Details: 01225 337900.

Tuesday 20 August

You could visit the exhibition Tadao Kimura at the Association Gallery. The Japanese photographer focuses on portraits of the Tibetan people using digital imagery to enhance a spiritual feeling. Until 30 August.

Venue: The Association of Photographers, 9-10 Domingo Street, London ECl.

Details: 0171-608 1445.

Tuesday 20 August

Alternatively, the third in the Royal Institute of British Architects’ How Do They Do That? series could be of interest. Under discussion is the visitor centre by architect Studio Downie at Sculpture at Goodwood. Until 21 September.

Venue: RIBA Architecture Centre, 66 Portland Place, London Wl. Details: 0171-631 0460.

Wednesday 21 August

Still time to catch Notes From The Street, a photography exhibition by Anthony Lam which documents the lives of Bangladeshi youth in east London. Alongside the photographs are statements made by Lam’s subjects. Until 6 September.

Venue: Tom Blau Gallery,

21 Queen Elizabeth Street, London SEl.

Details: 0171-378 1300.

Thursday 22 August

Fancy a piece of art? Then pop into the CCA Galleries’ painting and print sale. Prices start at 45. Until 28 August.

Venue: CCA Galleries, 8 Dover Street, London Wl.

Details: 0171-499 6701.

Future Dates

Wednesday 4 September

If you’re at the Glasgow International Festival of Design, why not visit the Goma designer rooms? James Dyson, John Pawson and Ron Arad have a room each to show their talents. Dyson demonstrates his idea for his upright vacuum cleaner, Pawson advocates his “less is more” philosophy and Arad his one-off and mass-produced furniture designs. Until 25 November.

Venue: Gallery of Modern Art, Queens Street, Glasgow Gl 3AZ. Details: 0141-229 1996.

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