Exhibitionists hit the streets

TAXIS and street corners may prove better places to advertise than the back pages of magazines (bar Design Week, of course) if the actions of two consultancies this week are anything to go by.

Minale Tattersfield Interactive, the Website design arm of the Richmond firm, now has its name emblazoned on 20 local taxis.

“A lot of people take cabs from Heathrow to Richmond and there’s a chance they’re business executives thinking about Websites,” says chairman Marcello Minale. Let’s hope they’re not gardening freaks thinking about smelly plants at Kew.

Harrow consultancy Attik Design has also opted for “in-yer-face” advertising. It needs two designers with more than three years’ experience.

Managing director Simon Needham has been interviewing for months to absolutely no avail.

“There are too many average designers,” says Needham.

As a last resort, the consultancy has decided to flypost Covent Garden and Soho.

“Call the Attik” screams the poster.

It is actually illegal, though Needham says it’s worth the risk. The Body Shop remains unprosecuted after flyposting Soho with a campaign featuring three male bottoms (DW 31 May). “We had a lot of complaints, but I think that was more to do with the bottoms than the flyposting,” says creative head Jon Turner.

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