Superdrug announces new five-strong roster

By Clare Dowdy

Superdrug has announced its five-strong packaging roster which has been set up with the help of Nucleus Design to boost the retailer’s own-brand presence (DW 2 August).

The roster comprises Turner Duckworth, Wickens Tutt Southgate, Miller Sutherland, Nucleus Design and The Creative Leap.

All the health and beauty chain’s own-brand packaging will go to the roster consultancies, says Superdrug design studio manager Martin Richards, who is unable to say what the first project will be. Currently 27 per cent of Superdrug’s sales consist of own-brand products, a figure which the retailer plans to push considerably higher, explains Richards.

“We are looking for excellence in design and the greatest efficiency, and this seemed to be the best way,” Richards adds. “We are looking for long-term relationships [with the consultancies] which will come under regular review.” Superdrug is initially taking on three design managers to handle the roster and may add a fourth to the team.

Richards says of Nucleus’ involvement in setting up the roster: “Nucleus has been working with us closely on the new corporate identity and it was a logical step for them to remain involved on the packaging side.”

Trevor Bradford of The Creative Leap is very positive about the roster announcement: “I expect real innovation,” he says.

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