Manc gallery unskilled in the ‘craft’ of spelling

Denizens of glasshouses aren’t best placed to throw stones, but we simply couldn’t resist this entry for ‘typo of the month’ from Manchester Art Gallery’s press office, which announced the opening of its long-delayed ‘Gallery of Graft and Design’.

Creating the exhibition space has sure been heavy-going for Casson Mann – the job involved reinforcing the floor more than once – but renaming the gallery in honour of its hard slog seems a bit much.

And while we’re on the subject of keyboard cock-ups, it was amusing to see our professional colleagues over at FT Creative Business the other week refer to DW columnist and Design Council director of design and innovation Clive Grinyer as ‘director of the Design Council’ and ‘Clive Grinley’ on two sides of the same spread. Ha-ha.

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