15 December 2005

Profile: Dennis Hwang

Although the phenomenal success of Google is mostly down to its functionality, its inspired and eclectic branding plays a part too. John Stones meets the man behind the doodles. Google

Monster mash

Who makes the best monsters? It used to be a battle between the actors and the model-makers. Not any more. Perhaps inspired by Boris Karloff in King of the Kongo


How many times have you heard the words: ‘that’s not’ or ‘you can’t’? Whether I’m meandering along the South Bank in the back of a black cab or, heaven forbid,

Lambie-Nairn idents increase NOS exposure

Dutch national broadcaster Nederlandse Omroep Stichting has unified its entire programming under a single identity, conceived by London consultancy Lambie-Nairn. Lambie-Nairn was appointed to the work following an international pitch.

Festival of commerce

Christmas has become a holiday of consumerism and clichés, but Jim Davies suggests we should cut back on the excess and celebrate it more responsibly. There’s a seasonal joke my

Dunnes Stores hits home with CDG

Irish food, textiles and furniture retailer Dunnes Stores has launched its first stand-alone homeware store on Dublin’s Georges Street, showcasing a retail landscape conceived by Conran Design Group. The 1115m2

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