Lambie-Nairn idents increase NOS exposure

Dutch national broadcaster Nederlandse Omroep Stichting has unified its entire programming under a single identity, conceived by London consultancy Lambie-Nairn.

Lambie-Nairn was appointed to the work following an international pitch. The nine-month project reached across the broadcaster’s corporate, news, sport and youth output and took in audio and visual branding, as well as set design, with the aim of clearly identifying NOS content.

NOS provides news and sport to the three national channels and to on-line and radio outlets, but does not have a channel of its own on which to project its identity.

‘As the NOS only produces programmes, it had no space in the junctions of a channel to promote itself,’ says Lambie-Nairn chief creative director Martin Lambie-Nairn. ‘It has enormous authority in the Netherlands and it is the most important of the broadcasters, but the public had an incomplete understanding of its contribution.’

‘We needed an impactful and pervasive solution that allowed us to own more of the real estate for the time we were actually on air, so that the brand gets the credit it deserves for the quality of our output,’ says NOS head of marketing and communications Jan de Jong.

Adopting a brand position as ‘the hub of 360-degree reportage’ and a logo which takes the ‘O’ of NOS, creating a red circle to represent that hub, the NOS will emblazon its new identity across all of its programming, much of which has traditionally had little NOS branding.

‘We recommended that it introduce a common language across all of its output, and hijack all the title sequences and sets to make sure the brand was absolutely at the front and centre throughout,’ adds Lambie-Nairn.

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