Landor develops Kodak identity

Landor has created the name, identity and packaging for Kodak’s new brand Advantix, which incorporates the Advanced Photo System. This involves frame-by-frame developing and printing techniques for better photographs.

The system has been developed by a consortium led by Kodak, which also includes Fuji, Nikon, Canon and Minolta. The other four consortium members are working on their own brand names for their product ranges.

“Kodak is competing directly against its Advanced Photo System development partners and it wanted a brand that would grab ownership of the category,” says Landor’s European managing director Peter Farnell-Watson.

The new brand had to work in tandem with the Kodak make, and Advantix was chosen following global consumer testing.

“The Advantix design system balances Kodak’s brand equity with the innovations offered by the APS technology,” says Farnell-Watson. “The new symbol – resembling a strip of film bent in three places to form a three-dimensional triangle – represents the new system’s three major elements: film, camera and photo finishing products and services.”

The new system will be rolled out on to all Advantix applications.

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