Shoe range takes Italian step

Emilio Luca, a fictional Italian shoe designer, is the brand name of a new collection of shoes launched by British Shoe Corporation this week.

The brand name, identity, packaging and launch literature is by Parker Stratton Design.

The embattled British Shoe Corporation, currently suffering job cuts after parent group Sears’ sale of Saxone and Curtis to Facia, chose Valentine’s Day to launch Emilio Luca on to UK shoppers.

A Parker Stratton-designed Valentine’s Day card was this week being despatched to 15 000 account card holders of stores which will be stocking the new range, such as House of Fraser outlets. The collection will be available across the UK and also in Dublin.

Parker Stratton developed the Emilio Luca name to be easily pronounceable and identifiable with Italian heritage.

The collection – dubbed “shoes to make your heart beat faster” – will come in raspberry packaging with a cream signature.

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