Arrivederci Marcello life will be duller without you

Having received countless tributes to Marcello, offers of support and heartfelt condolences from colleagues within the industry, clients, friends and so many people from all walks of life who were somehow touched by Marcello’s life, may I on behalf of the immediate family and our office thank everyone for their immense generosity of spirit, sympathies and also their generous donations to the rowing club fund (a fund set up by Marcello’s family for young rowers). It has been truly touching to see so much human kindness.

For my part, life will be much duller without him. Someone who over 32 years went from being my employer to a very close and dear friend. I shall always miss that piercing call from the other end of the long corridor linking our two offices (the telephone took too long to pick up), ‘Alec! Look they have published our work’, ever thrilled at sharing good news.

There are so many Marcello-isms and humorous stories I could recount, but I feel the last, big thank you must got to Marcello, for always being himself, never judging anyone and giving us so many cherished memories. May our final words be not goodbye but arrivederci.

Alex Maranzano

Managing director

Minale Tattersfield & Partners

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