Give recruitment consultancies a chance

Having read David Rose’s letter (DW 9 February) I must challenge his remarks about the use of recruitment consultants and hopefully enlighten him that not all third parties are intent on inflating the cost of hiring, but rather offer the creative industry a resource pool of talent.

First, “agency” is a crude word to describe a professional third party company. “Consultancy” is a more accurate description, which alone symbolises to designers and design groups that we are in the business of consulting on a candidate’s quest to secure a new role and design agencies’ search to acquire new talent.

Second, young designers are advised by a consultancy based on their career aspirations, experience and personal circumstances rather than a business agenda to extract as much money from a potential employer as possible.

Third, not all third parties operate on a 33 per cent finder’s fee, but rather at much more reasonable levels. There is no financial commitment from most third parties other than upon a successful introduction being made.

David’s comment about freelance graphic designers borders on dictatorial. In a profession that encourages enthusiasm and creation of new ideas, he seems to be saying these people should hang up their leisure lifestyles and make the ultimate commitment for the sake of the industry. Most freelances are not brainwashed by big bucks to fund their next snowboarding trip, but rather normal people who don’t want to commit to clients/ projects in a full-time role.

If David thinks he lacks a budget to use a third party hirer he should find a consultancy which will be sensitive to his needs and give it the benefit of the doubt. He may be pleasantly surprised.

Peter Cook

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