‘O’ is for Options

DJPA has redesigned Options’ hot chocolate drink brand. The redesign includes a new treatment of the Options brand name, which is rendered in swirling, melted chocolate-style glossy script. The ‘O’ has been lent greater emphasis and forms the basis of a single brand icon. The ‘O’ swirl is branded with the various Options flavours, including Outrageous Orange, Mint Madness, Belgian Chocolate, Turkish Delight, Indulgent Irish Cream and a new limited edition flavour, Choca Mocha. It features different centres to reflect each drink – for example, a clump of mint or an orange – and is designed to give the brown greater standout against the light blue background. ‘We have been able to move the Options brand on now that it is more recognisable,’ says DJPA designer Sarah Jones. ‘Its distinctive “O” is strong enough to stand alone.’

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