15 February 2007

Science of Sleep, Etienne George

Dream on

The Science of Sleep, Michael Gondry’s latest feature film about the power of dreams and a love of creativity, is as gorgeous to watch as it was enjoyable to make. Charles Gant discovers how the relinquising of control can yield great results

Horniman Aquarium

Show time

The £100 000 Gulbenkian Prize has become the equivalent of Oscars for the museums and galleries world. But to what extent is, or should, the role of design be acknowledged?

Patrick Blanc


Frenchman Patrick Blanc’s unusual combination of botanical expertise and design is proving to be a hit around the world. Natasha Edwards talks to him about nature, vertical gardens and his latest exhibition

Becks limited edition

Logo area

Sponsorship deals have taken over everything from rock festivals to marathons, but a heavy-handed approach can devalue the event that is being endorsed. It is important to maintain a degree of integrity.

Whole Foods

Organic growth

As Whole Foods Market prepares to open its first UK superstore, Sarah Woods considers how the US food giant is likely to be received in London

ODA launches procurement website for London 2012

The Olympic Delivery Authority is launching a major procurement website for the London 2012 games, the first system of its kind for a programme of this nature, it claims.An e-tendering website – https///etenders.london2012.com – will list all live tenders, while forthcoming large-scale and direct ODA contracts can be found on the main London 2012 website.Upcoming […]

London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum

The London Transport Museum has revealed the first look at its forthcoming branding, created by The Core. It is trying to shake off an image of a staid museum for ‘lads and dads’, in favour of one with wit and energy, says Core creative director Alistair Whitely. Various London Transport roundels relate to different areas […]

Gilbert and George Exhibition

Family album

The odd couple living in the house on Fournier Street in London’s Spitalfields are about to have their first major retrospective at Tate Modern. Perhaps you should say formal retrospective, because since transforming their lives into works of art and becoming Living Sculptures in 1970, it’s been one continual exhibition. The Six Bomb pictures, created […]

Pilot Chop’d store was designed by Platform Group

It was stated that Cada Design Group had been appointed to undertake a strategic review of the brand and develop new store concepts for Chop’d. I would be surprised if the client had chosen to ‘redesign’ the store concept, especially with it being so successful and the client having spent a lot of time working […]

Campbell/dpa deal is a merger, not a takeover or buyout

The merger of lighting consultancies dpa Lighting and Campbell Design is a merger, and not in any sense a takeover, as you reported two weeks ago. There has been no buyout of one company by another, but rather two successful lighting design practices have come together in equal partnership to consolidate and strengthen our position […]

Tesco sign

Design has a role to play in ending stereotyping

In reply to Pat Starke’s letter, I’m so pleased that my comments on the patriarchal dominance of our culture amused him so. I’m also very happy to hear that his wife has managed to raise both their children completely devoid of influence from our society. That’s quite a feat. The nature vs nurture debate is […]

Six Cities

Success of Scottish festival will depend on creative initiative

Whether there is an appetite for a publicly funded design festival in Scotland relies entirely upon its content. If this seems non-committal, my reticence is due to the fact that the creative industries are often highly aware of their role but are, ironically, unable to communicate this to the public. Even with the Scottish Executive’s […]

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