15 January 2009

News in Pictures

The album cover for Peter Bjorn and John’s forthcoming album uses a painting, entitled Trophyroom, by Swedish artist Thomas Broomé. Design consultancy Joppen incorporated the names of the band and the album, called Living Thing, on to the cover. The record will be released on 30 March.

Get in line

Uniforms have enrobed humans for millennia, endowing a feeling of belonging and conjuring the power of the collective. Historians trace the rise of the uniform to 210 BC, the first emperor of China and his tomb of terracotta warriors. Since then – from the military to retail or sports – uniforms have imposed order and […]

Courting the public arena

Designers must show that they can thrive in the public sector – and learn to handle the procurement process better, argues Gerry Postlethwaite

Goodwill hunting

After the financial turmoil of 2008, retail banks have a lot to do to counter accusations of corporate greed and cynical marketing. How can design help them to rebuild consumer trust? asks brand expert Ruth Mortimer

Mandy isn’t the standard bearer for design we deserve

Peter Mandelson’s London Design Festival opening speech (www.designweek. co.uk, 16 September 2008) was cited in your review of 2008 (DW 18 December) as an indicator of a possible role for design in creating a knowledge economy. Well, don’t get your hopes up about the Secretary of State for Business’s sympathy for, or understanding of, design. […]

We need definitions of our evolving profession

I am taking you up on your challenge about increasing design value awareness in the public sector (Comment, DW 11 December 2008). I believe the design community must know itself before it can outwardly increase design value awareness in any sector. The design profession is evolving to include a new breed of designer and design […]

Using the Web to keep kids hooked, seven days a week

Regarding Emily Pacey’s News Analysis (DW 4 December 2008), comic publishers should realise the Web is a prime opportunity to keep engaging with fans between issues. Children are impatient and have trouble waiting a week for the next issue. Designers should think about how content can be showcased online, and if it’s exclusive, even better. […]


The dilemma/ how to respond to a marketing brief that dictates the use of a strong, successful identity system, while simultaneously coming up with a relevant solution that brings something new to the mix?Luckily, the subject matter was rich with inspiration, an exhibition on the work of Le Corbusier at London’s Barbican Art Gallery. Using […]

Wonder of Wedgwood

Who cares if Woolworths goes under? Much more
important is the loss of a manufacturer with its roots
in the Industrial Revolution, argues Hugh Pearman

News in Pictures

Abrams is publishing Sagmeister: Made You Look, by graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister and Peter Hall. The book was first published in 2001, but is being redesigned for publication in April.

Promising start to the year is marred by Royal Mint contest

It’s been an interesting start to what is being billed as a difficult year. A raft of impressive job wins – this week, for example, a clutch of UK consultancies is celebrating the Etihad Airways project – is balanced by high-profile shifts, such as the coming together of The Team with Loewy group stablemate Loewy […]

DJPA looks to expand following takeover by Schawk

Anglo-Dutch group DJPA is looking to grow in the UK and Europe, following its acquisition yesterday by listed global network Schawk.The group joins strategic and design consultancy Anthem – which also acts as Nestlé’s in-house design capability – within Schawk’s creative portfolio, Anthem Worldwide group. Schawk’s other divisions comprise brand point management, retail marketing and […]

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