Bow Wow International designs Working Title logo

London- and Tokyo-based design consultancy Bow Wow International has redesigned the logo (pictured) for Working Title Films.

The film production company appointed Bow Wow in February last year to redesign its brand identity to coincide with the release of its 100th title.

The new logo is the first completed aspect of Working Title’s rebranding, with other projects expected to be finalised in the coming months.

Bow Wow creative director Mai Ikuzawa says that the most challenging aspect of the design was the ‘enormous contrast to the scale and format of platforms that the logo needed to be applied to – film logos are either shown in full glory on screen, or in their smallest single-colour format on the corner of a poster or DVD box’.

Bow Wow is reviewing all of the applied assets where the logo will be shown, such as on the website, signage and opening titles of films. The consultancy is currently developing Working Title’s brand guidelines and stationery, which, Ikuzawa says, is the ‘most dominantly branded asset’.

Working Title is a British film production company best known for its success with Four Weddings and a Funeral, United 93 and the Coen brothers’ latest film Burn After Reading.

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