Additions to Apple iMac family planned

Apple Computer’s acclaimed product design team, headed by Briton Jonathan Ive, is understood to be behind a number of new products scheduled to be unveiled next week.

The group is rumoured to be launching a palmtop computer, which Apple executives have reportedly been seen carrying around for work. Apple’s UK marketing department says it does not know when any new machines will hit this country.

“Something will be launched in New York at the Macworld show, but we are as much in the dark as anyone. It has been said this will be some kind of consumer portable with… an educational application,” says a spokeswoman for Apple Computer.

Another machine, possibly a slimline version of the portable Apple G3 PowerBook, will be launched at Macworld Expo ’99 on 21 July. It will be Apple’s first launch since Apple interim chief executive Steve Jobs announced a three-product proposition based on the iMac, the G3 and the PowerBook laptop.

Expected to retail for £1700, the new design is codenamed 101, according to Macworld magazine. Apple is striving to keep the design of the machine secret.

Apple co-founder Jobs will open the Macworld show next Wednesday afternoon.

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