Creative Summit finds design dissatisfaction

A survey of leading figures from the design and creative industries has found widespread condemnation of the way in which they are perceived by UK businesses.

The research by the Creative Summit polled steering group committee members who include: Imagination head of marketing Ralph Ardill, The Identica Partnership chairman Michael Peters, former Pentagram partner Kenneth Grange, The Fourth Room head of imagination Michael Wolff and Summit chairman David Kingsley, founder of ad agency Kingsley Manton and Palmer.

A number of problems are identified. There appears to be a consensus of opinion that the UK education system is failing to adequately prepare students for creative careers.

Furthermore, business rationalisation is identified as driving creativity from the workplace, and there is still concern about the “airy fairy” perception of creative industries. The research concludes that all businesses can be creative and that manufacturing is rarely recognised for its role in creative processes.

“This research is hugely significant. Any business leader who doesn’t recognise that creativity is fundamentally important for business and competitiveness will find themselves at a distinct commercial disadvantage in the years ahead,” says Kingsley.

The Creative Summit will meet for the first time in Sunderland from 15-18 September.

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