I may not have enough experience, but I can do the job

The design industry is in a mess and there is nothing we can do.

The colleges are training large amounts of promising, highly talented candidates. Standards are good. They have to be. The reputation of the college/university depends on it.

However, every rejection letter that I have received said candidates who applied were of a high standard. No surprises there. I also went to the best college, along with other designers who applied for the same job.

It’s not experience or background in a certain field, it’s not location. It is not how experienced you are, although after graduation you are expected to have at least two years experience, be fully experienced in Quark and Photoshop and have design studio experience.

The next thing would be, “The suitable candidate must have at least five years’ experience in Sci-Tex PS-2 Rip with equal amounts of Macintosh experience, along with at least three business clients on his or her client list.” And be at least 20 years of age (young studio looking to branch out) and from a leading (London-based) design consultancy.

I appreciate that design consultancy have to weed out the undesirables, but let’s face it, experience is one thing, but to be able to design and provide a solution to the client’s brief is what we do, whether or not we have sufficient experience.

Paul Edis

Market Rasen

Lincolnshire LN8 3UY

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