Legs 11 Dares to let shoes do the talking

London shoe chain Legs 11 is opening a rebranded store called Egoshego which aims to divert emphasis from the store’s interior design on to the actual products.

The store, which is expected to open in four or five weeks on London’s Neal Street, will attempt to let the shoes dictate the visual design of the store. It is being designed by London consultancy Dare Design.

“We felt all the other shoe shops in the area are really cluttered and we wanted to have a shop where the shoes are really working by themselves,” says Dare Design managing director Charlotte Dinesen. “We are creating a very clean, neutral look.”

Dare is also designing the graphics and created the identity for Egoshego, its first retail job. The branding may be rolled out across the chain, which sells a range of shoe-cum-trainers and punk-style black leather boots.

Interiors will be predominantly white, with red used as an additional signature colour.

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