Misguided marketing is no innovation substitute

Dorothy Mackenzie cannot, it seems, separate innovation (clockwork radio), from a marketing idea (British Airways tailfin graphics) (Letters, DW 18 June). Innovation solves problems, marketing is simply hit or miss, judged entirely by its own success or failure.

After 150 international flights over three years, I have yet to encounter anyone of any nationality who approves of the ethnic graphics (as opposed to the red, white and blue logo).

I was told by two heads of foreign states that these ill-fated designs are regarded as a joke, proffered by an airline that is functioning well, and just needs to keep improving its operations.

Further, if, as has happened, one – just one – tired control tower safety spotter, has difficulty identifying an aircraft by colour, whether it be in the twilight of Dubai, the fog of Seattle, or mist of Birmingham, the graphics are to blame, and, in compromising safety, are inappropriate.

It is wrong to blame politics for the failure of a design. It is a true professional who is able to admit a mistake.

Niall MacCormack

San Francisco

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