Relay leaflet sends out CAA safety message

The Civil Aviation Authority is launching a redesigned passenger safety leaflet in an attempt to clamp down on disruptive behaviour during flights.

In conjunction with Twickenham consultancy Relay marketing, which designed the original eight years ago, the CAA will relaunch the brochure with bolder visual impact and a striking text. It aims to curb increasing levels of rowdiness and violence caused by UK passengers.

The leaflet is distributed to five million people every year. It outlines the heightened effects of drinking alcohol at altitude and informs would-be troublemakers of police procedures involving in-flight misbehaviour. The leaflets are distributed free with airline tickets.

“We asked Relay to try and rework the presentation to be much more eye-catching – I actually used the example of a U2 record cover as a guide,” says a CAA Senior Information Officer Jonathan Nicholson.

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