What was the criteria for selection in 21st Century Talent feature?

In the supplement entitled 21st Century Talent, you assigned a section to Passed masters (DW 2 July).

I would like to challenge the criteria for selecting the images that featured in this section.

Some projects represented, including three examples of second-year work, are by students who have yet to complete their course of undergraduate study. Is it appropriate to call these students passed masters?

Several examples of student work published were entries to the RSA Student Design Awards and D&AD Student Design Awards, but were not representative of student exemplars in their sections – they were submissions which did not receive commendations or awards. Award-winning entries account for less than 15 per cent of the work featured.

In terms of passed masters, our final year students of graphic design included winners of RSA and D&AD Awards, but, alas, we were not invited to submit. Maybe “Passed over” would be more appropriate.

David Herbert

Course director in Graphic Design

Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design

University of Dundee

The aim was to provide a cross-section of graduate work. There was no intention to focus on award-winners, but on good work that would reproduce well – Ed

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