Shepard Fairey

Art rebels

Skulls, Mohawks and piercings – alongside an irreverent finger aimed at authority – are some of the images associated with the Punk movement.

Lacie Coat laptop sleeve

Clean lines

Simplicity and minimalism are back. Is this a reaction against the fad for kitsch and neo-Baroque, a considered response to recession-era cuts or just the return of good, well-executed design?

Designed by Nelson Associates

The right stuff

Luxury does not have to be about precious metals or gemstones. To convey a message of exclusivity, the most humble of materials, paper, can have a striking effect, and exploring

Mark Porter

Profile: Mark Porter

When you’ve spent more than a decade as top creative at one of the most high-profile newspapers in the world, maybe it’s time to reinvent yourself. Jim Davies talks to


Charles Saatchi has donated his art collection to the nation. What would you like to see donated to the nation?

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http/// For all you typography fanatics out there – including our very own art director Sam Freeman – watch this video of Luca Barcellona’s rather incredible freehand Fraktur writing. The

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