Inspired: Steven Ramsay – Baigent Digital

It’s not often you come across something in your creative work that really cuts to the bone.

I used to grab the brief from a blue-chip client wanting the latest new packaging craze or the trendiest options Photoshop could muster. Now I see a different side to a brief and to my work which involves people and relies on the creative to help a cause, not a product.

It’s a great feeling when you see that your design can make the difference from 500 donations online to a million. It really hits you when you meet the people affected who you are trying to help. Combined with your empathy for the cause, that emotion makes something magical happen in the design process, and the people in that process are the main inspiration.

How often have you felt you should give to charity, but have no cash? If you give design, it’s from your heart and shows your passion for a cause. Your donation will be captured for eternity. It might not be equal to the incredible work volunteers and aid workers do in the field, but it’s a good place to start.

Working with charities has been liberating for me and I encourage any designer to do the same.

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