Blasts from the past blinder

EVEN after 20 years they all still fancied Laura. – This group of graphic designers were students at what was St Martin’s in 1975, and last week was their first sighting of each other for nigh on 15 years.

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London’s Intro has designed a children’s pack guide for use in libraries and schools for The Library Association. Aimed at 8 – 12-year-olds, the Power Pack is in bright yellow, orange, purple and lime green and features an icon to lead children through the pack cards. The character, inspired by current album and street graphics […]

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I GUESS it’s a bit of a dream for most designers, spending an extra two years after graduating messing about on an MA for graphics. Sounds like designer heaven, doesn’t it? But let’s face it, most of us didn’t know about the course, didn’t get in, or never had work good enough to even send […]

Hopping mad means magic

The place was pandemonium. Computer systems all over the place, plumbers and electricians, BT getting wired up. And in the midst of this chaos – an urgent request for 200 rabbits. It was moving-in day for McIlroy Coates, which was taken over by Tayburn last week (DW 9 June). “Suddenly we got a call from […]

Daniel Weil leaves RCA

Royal College of Art professor of industrial design Daniel Weil is stepping down this summer. – Weil, also a Pentagram partner, will stay on as a visiting professor.

World of Ad-ventures

The phenominal growth of the Internet has seen the development of media houses producing independent, cost-effective advertising through the Net. Steve Bowbrick believes designers clued into the Web could play a major role in shaping this fledgling indust

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Going on the general ambience at this year’s industrial design degree show at the RCA, the days of precious spot-lit plinths are thankfully over. This year you enter a buzzing bazaar of work displayed in cabinets found in many a retail emporium; built by the first year students to their professor’s design. This retail-reminiscent environment […]

DIA brews up ‘clubby’ kind of fruit beer

Scottish & Newcastle is currently launching a new fruit beer with the “wickedly different” name of Diablo. The drink’s positioning, identity and packaging are by London consultancy Design in Action.

Vehicle design expands in UK

International Automotive Design is recruiting 50 product designers and engineers as it expands its research and design facilities at Coventry. IAD – part of the Mayflower engineering group since 1993 – will not confirm if the expansion is due to new orders. Managing director Mike Bryant says: “We are bound by confidentiality and can never […]

Smart compact car gears up for identity

Designers will be sought to create an identity for the new compact car being developed jointly by Mercedes-Benz and SMH Swatch. The car has been named Smart by the joint venture company MCAG. A consultancy will be chosen to design its identity in the next year, says a company spokeswoman. “The name (Smart) provides space […]

Discussing discussing

Many people agree that many CD-ROMS are crap, but where do we find a good model? Enter the computer games world, says Sutherland Lyall

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