Hopping mad means magic

The place was pandemonium. Computer systems all over the place, plumbers and electricians, BT getting wired up. And in the midst of this chaos – an urgent request for 200 rabbits.

It was moving-in day for McIlroy Coates, which was taken over by Tayburn last week (DW 9 June). “Suddenly we got a call from our client Brand Paper. We were organising an event for them that night which included a magician, and they decided it would be really good fun to give everyone a fluffy bunny,” says Debbie Stevenson, creative advisor at the new-look Tayburn McIlroy Coates.

But there was a misunderstanding. Stevenson thought they wanted real rabbits, according to a source. “We thought we’d have to go all over Scotland chasing bunnies,” he says. Fortunately, a toy shop was able to provide the requisite carrot nibblers and everything was just magic.

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