Sellafield in financial dispute

Sellafield nuclear power station’s visitors centre reopens under a cloud this week with architectural practice David Marks Julia Barfield claiming its fees for part of the 5m refurbishment have not been paid.

The practice is now considering starting legal moves to recover the disputed fees.

Client British Nuclear Fuels Ltd appointed London consultancy Brennan & Whalley as lead designers, and the group sub-contracted David Marks Julia Barfield to create a tubular corridor linking two buildings and a 13m diameter silver globe designed to resemble the earth’s interior.

According to David Marks, joint director of the architectural practice, BNFL owes 18 000 in design fees dating back to January. “It’s completely outrageous, they haven’t paid for fees or expenses,” says Marks, adding that BNFL has “sent us a list of claims which are completely unsubstantiated”.

Brennan & Whalley director Dennis Brennan says these claims consist of accusations of design mistakes made by David Marks Julia Barfield. “I’m not saying there were any mistakes made, but David will not get paid until he answers these claims,” he says.

BNFL project manager Peter Messenger claims that Brennan & Whalley were “quoted a figure and received that figure – our contract is not with David Marks”. But according to Brennan, the group has not received the monies to pay David Marks Julia Barfield.

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