Australia Pavilion

Caribiner Europe and Caribiner International

‘We are looking to express what we believe are the key characteristics of our country: friendliness, openness and surprise,’ says Caribiner International managing director for Australia, Paul Kenny. ‘The journey through the open pavilion tells a story of immigration. Entering past an aquarium and past aboriginal totem poles you arrive at a virtual theatre with a 1800 screen, showing time-lapse photos of Australian heritage sites. The journey through is a twisted loop design to maximise space. There are a number of walk-by areas, touchscreens and pools off to the side with related areas. ‘We set up a palette of colours relating to those of the Australian Tourist Council, but extending the Brand Australia colours. We added a striking terracotta red, like Ayers Rock, a gentle purple after-sunset sky colour, and a bright sky blue, plus elements of black reflecting our country’s aboriginal heritage. ‘The other brand expression we designed was six variations of a piece of music in six sections of the pavilion. Each has the same rhythm and they are all synchronised – fading into one another as you move around.’

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