Germany Pavilion

Visitors enter an enormous sculptor’s workshop of finished and half-finished statues and busts of well-known Germans. This ‘Workshop of Ideas’ stands for the past, present and future of Germany. It was designed by Stuttgart consultancy Milla & Partners, which also collaborated on section two. The next area, ‘bridges to the future’ is a gigantic space with screens on each wall, floor and ceiling. Dubbed a 7200 film event, the stationary visitor experiences movement watching the interconnected screens of film. It was produced by Munich production house KuK Filmproduktion. Event designer Eric Veenstra of Berlin created the final section, the spectacular Media Garden, with his consultancy ArtLab Studios, with audio visuals from Adolf Winkelmann. It features a steel Tree of Knowledge bearing three ‘leaf’ display screens and three glass ‘fruit’ counterbalances.

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