Last week the Interiors Forum was set up to represent the interests of interior designers, with the blessing of the Design Business Association. Do you agree that interior designers need their own official body, and if so what should be top of the agenda for the Interiors Forum?

‘In today’s world of ever-blurring disciplines I have my doubts whether interior design needs its own dedicated organisation. However, as interior design still remains a poor relation to architecture in the eyes of the wider world, maybe a champion for the technical skills and commercial acumen of interior designers might be no bad thing.’

Edward Ashley-Carter, Director, Ashley Carter

‘I’m sure that everyone in the architecture and design professions will applaud the establishment of the Interiors Forum. It is well meant, like so many others before. But with the perennial pressures and constant bickering over the years, we have to ask why interior designers have not set up their own official body. Maybe this is the first question for the Interiors Forum – before any solutions can be found, or be blessed by the DBA.’

Jane Priestman, Design Management Consultant

‘While any initiative is worthy of consideration, interior designers already have their own professional body – the Chartered Society of Designers. The CSD has a specific interiors group, offering a series of ongoing initiatives. It is highly proactive and members receive continual advice and assistance. Importantly, they have the benefit of a cross-disciplinary society which represents all designers. Our interdisciplinary discussion forum is in place, allowing strength to individual disciplines within the umbrella of the CSD, providing a holistic society which today’s professional design industry needs.’

Metin Demiray, Chairman, Chartered Society of Designers Interiors Group

‘Let’s wish the Interiors Forum success. It’s a great idea if it manages to gather in the many interior designers disillusioned with traditional bodies. Its other big opportunity is to engage buyers of interior design in a dialogue to advance understanding of what we can do, and help us achieve results which meet commercial criteria. The forum must make sure now that it communicates “inclusively” and attracts people who will make these objectives possible.’

Maria Simpson, Associate, RPW

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