Jack Morton creates IBM satellite event

IBM claims to have held the largest live communications event in history last week, in Bangalore, India. It was created by Jack Morton Worldwide, which was appointed at the end of March.

The live events group designed and built a 10 000-strong venue from scratch, in 76 days, to host the show, which included a presentation from the President of India, Dr Abdul Kalam. It was then linked up and broadcast to a further 9000 IBM employees in Pune, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai via satellite connection.

To execute the project, Jack Morton put together a multi-disciplinary team of staff from a number of its offices around the world, including the UK, the US, Australia and India.

‘In India, there is a great appreciation of the power of experiential marketing,’ says Jack Morton president Lois Jacobs. Demand for the work is growing, she adds.

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