Nick Bell wasn’t the only winner for the Churchill Museum

Your news article reviewing the D&AD Global Awards, mistakenly credited Nick Bell Design as the sole Yellow Pencil winner for the Churchill Museum (DW 1 June).

For the record, Nick Bell Design was responsible for all exhibition graphic design and a number of software exhibits, whereas Casson Mann is the designer of the museum.

On the D&AD awards night, three Yellow Pencils were dished out for the Churchill Museum – to Roger Mann and John Pickford at Casson Mann and to myself.

Such a shortlist does not reflect the important creative contributions of nine AV, software and interactive design companies, 3D and 2D design assistants, lighting and sound designers.

D&AD listed me as the awards entrant, and this is why sole credit has been attributed to me in other magazines as well as Design Week. I hope this letter sets things straight.

Nick Bell, Nick Bell Design, London E1

We published in good faith the results supplied to us for publication by D&AD – Ed

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