Wolff Olins has been appointed to develop a ‘global brand’ for London that will ‘capture the spirit of the city in the lead-up to and beyond the Olympic Games’. What are the challenges of developing a brand that rides the Olympic wave, but also continues to work in its own right after 2012?

London is one of the few truly global cities. It’s a multicultural entrepôt, open to everyone. The Olympics emphasises London’s position in the world, it doesn’t change it. London should use the Olympics to underline its position and continue to build from there.

Wally Olins, Chairman, Saffron Brand Consultants (pictured above left)

The challenge will be to rise above the (mis)perception that it is simply a campaign, linked to 2012. It cannot fall into the trap of being a city talking to itself. Cynicism about it will only be overcome by showing the relevance of the work, particularly once the Olympic Games are over.

John Allert, Chief executive, Interbrand

Developing such a brand is not so difficult. The elements that define London – diversity, inclusion, global fraternity and heritage – are consistent with the Olympic spirit. The East End is a multicultural melting pot. This should allow the creation of a brand for a place and people.

Marcello Mario Minale, Managing director/design partner, Minale Tattersfield & Partners

I have every confidence that Wolff Olins will come up with a spectacular solution that meets the brief. The biggest challenge will be for our own industry to stand behind it, celebrate it and use it as a demonstration of the value of branding to the public audience. I fear that, as usual, there will be the bitter tirade of criticism that normally tends to accompany landmark projects from within our own ranks – and the tabloids will have a field day.

Peter Knapp, Executive creative director, EMEA, Landor Associates

Given the huge audience in different countries around the world that will be watching coverage of the Olympic Games and the wider destination, what appeals to some audiences may not appeal to others. Wolff Olins will need to rise to the challenges of creating a brand that encapsulates the rich diversity of London and Britain, as well as the warmth and welcome of our people.

Torvald de Coverley Veale, Director of international marketing division, VisitBritain (pictured)

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