This poster for a Manchester City Arts Galleries exhibition has been created for a visually- literate audience in a contemporary, style-magazine design. For the poster, Influence Design Group featured one of the artists’ pieces on show at Likeness, Reflecting Sexuality. Consultancy art director Damyon Anderson-Garrity, who also designed the exhibition’s invitation, used a grid structure to reflect the relationships of the elements of the face. The exhibition runs until 26 May.

The train interiors and livery for newly privatised Great Northern Eastern Railroad were unveiled this week. The design is by New York group Vignelli Associates, which created GNER’s identity (DW 1 November 1996). Emphasis is on creating warmth and comfort for the carriages (pictured), says a Vignelli spokesman. A ‘broken dot’ pattern, created by group chief executive officer Lella Vignelli, has been applied in different versions to the train’s fabrics and staff uniforms. Station signage, passenger lounges and interiors for new high-speed tilting trains are also by Vignelli Associates.

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