Telecoms company exchanges branding

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Diefenbach Elkins has rebranded a 490m independent telecommunications company to help it compete with aggressive industry giants.

Citizens Communications is a national, facilities-based carrier reaching more than 860 000 homes and businesses.

The new marque is intended to portray the Connecticut company as spirited and community-based, willing to listen to its customers and break new ground, says a Diefenbach Elkins spokesman.

Consultancy president John Elkins says: “Deregulation has changed Citizens’ marketplace dramatically… Citizens’ problem of low brand-awareness in its marketplace was exacerbated by the entry of global competitors.

“‘Goliath companies were targeting Citizens’ traditional territory – second- and third-tier markets – just as it decided to expand into adjacent markets.”

The “Citizens signal” device is designed to suggest the value the company puts into listening to customers and on the individual speaking out.

“Telecom” has been dropped in favour of “communications” and the new branding has been carried across stationery, signage, vehicles, brochures, promotional items and calling cards.

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