Britain creatively lags behind rest of the world

Having just returned to the UK after four years working in New Zealand and Dublin, I was very disappointed to discover the lack of creativity here in the UK.

I have worked for some of the top branding groups and felt that I have really been able to express myself as a designer abroad. Whenever I’ve looked for inspiration I would normally turn to the usual Design Week, Creative Review, top London design consultancies’ websites and so on, but I just feel that it’s all just very bland and boring with ideas that have gone around thousands of times.

British design had always been renowned to be the best in the world along with engineering and so on. But in recent times we seem to be teaching the rest of the world how to do it better than us, and it’s not just in design.

And who would expect some of these little old places to be good at design? But they are, they’re not well known, but the technology, creativity and fresh design I have seen on my travels blows away anything I’ve seen here in Britain. It’s a terrible shame and is only set to get worse with a threatening economy.

Matt Davies

Senior designer

Taylor McCann


M33 6GT

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