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With regards to inspiration, it’s very much the case that, once upon a time, I would obsessively collect aged fashion catalogues, or arcane examples of Japanese publishing design, and would certainly choose a book by its cover. Today, however, what inspires me is passion, determination, integrity – and, in particular, people who step beyond the day job to engage with this space we all occupy and share.

The English Group is committed to good causes – we are working on projects in the arts, on humanitarian issues, and on environmental and conservation initiatives. The extent to which a single creative group is positioned to marshall a community of its own supporters, suppliers and even clients to engage with transformative design is also a source of constant inspiration.

However, if we’re to look towards passion, determination and integrity, I can readily offer Annie Lennox as my muse. Her dedication to the issue of Aids in women and children in South Africa and the campaign she has launched to focus attention on this human catastrophe – in addition to the many other causes she has also given her time to over the years – suggests exactly that application of personality and influence that we both admire and seek to engage here too.

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