AIGA offers much more than the UK design bodies

Adrian Shaughnessy’s piece on the American Institute of Graphic Arts’ conference (Private View, DW 8 November) struck a chord. Having emigrated from the US in the late 1980s, I found the attitude to design in London strange. Design bodies such as the Chartered Society of Designers and the Design Business Association seemed so elitist and expensive to join that for 20 years I didn’t bother.

I also believe we could learn a lot from AIGA. It is an inclusive organisation that fosters education by encouraging student membership and embraces all touch points of the design community by offering membership to those in affiliated fields. Local chapters promote design and provide opportunities for designers to debate practical issues.

I let my AIGA membership expire years ago, but I will be joining again. For less than £150 per year AIGA provides practical advice, great facilities, and a sense of inclusion that is missing from other bodies.

Kelly Robbins, Manager, Creative Services, John Lewis, by e-mail

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