Welcome to the first Brand Communications Book in the new series, which aims to guide you through the ever-growing choice of design and branding consultancies, by showcasing their expertise in individual market sectors.

Brand-owners have perhaps never lived through such exciting times. Public attitudes to brands and their activities have rarely been so ambiguous, as consumers grow cautious through environmental concerns, yet remain inspired to engage with the world in ever-changing ways.

How can designers help? Lucy Johnston considers that packaging design remains one of the most direct, tactile and imaginative strategies available to brand-owners attempting to appeal to consumers and increase market share. Much innovation is still possible in this area, and fmcg brands, in particular, can benefit greatly from commissioning new design that helps them to stand out.

Jeremy Lindley outlines the changing characteristics of the market, and concludes that, whatever new challenges are thrown up, solutions emerge when the best design skills and business minds work together at the top level to produce ‘transformational ideas’. He suggests ways for clients and consultants to improve their working partnerships and attain more satisfyingly long-term results.

Much praise in the retail arena is reserved for those brands and retailers that keep the message to consumers unnervingly simple. Jon Turner reasserts that the most crucial elements of brand communication remain those basic tenets of being absolutely clear about your offer, and presenting this in-store with simplicity.
Hopefully, this will help you to make your choice.

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