Morgan flies new wings by Deep

Vintage car marque the Morgan Motor Company is employing Deep to rework its branding in a bid to capture the interest of younger car buyers. The brand first launched in 1913, and its iconic Morgan ‘wings’ logo has remained virtually unchanged ever since. However, it has now received a makeover designed to modernise it while retaining its classic feel.

Deep has created a set of brand guidelines which reflect Morgan’s values, with the aim of underlining the family-run company’s reputation for traditional, safe, 100 per cent British-made cars which are a good investment. Morgan’s website and brochures will also shortly be overhauled, with photography shot and directed by Deep, designed to capture the English heritage associations of the brand.

The material is likely to be aired in the run-up to the Geneva Motor Show and the launch of the LifeCar, Morgan’s zero emissions car, in 2008. Part of the reason for the overhaul is that Morgan wants to adapt to changing consumer requirements, including demand for Greener vehicles. The new logo will appear on all Morgan’s new cars from 2010. Grant Bowden, creative director of Deep, says, ‘It is important to strike the right balance between creating a single new identity that has great impact, yet is still sympathetic to the old marque.’ Deep has a history of working with heritage brands, including Veuve Clicquot and The Ritz.

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