Honey brands new Graduates Yorkshire ‘matchmaker’ venture

Honey has created a website and branding strategy for Graduates Yorkshire’s new Grads East venture. The consultancy was appointed directly last month, having worked on the Graduates Yorkshire site and brand.

The site launches on 21 October and will link employers, which pay a subscription fee, with graduate jobseekers in the east of England.

The brief was to come up with a brand which appealed to both of these groups, and a website with two clear customer journeys. Honey has used the strapline ‘Wanted – graduates with great ideas’, and creative director Adrian Potter says the theme of inspiration runs through the design work. ‘It’s a region full of great ideas, so the visuals feature lots of scribbles and sketchbooks and Post-its and “eureka!” moments,’ he says.

Despite this theme of creative disorder, Potter believes the site will be very easy to navigate. It uses the platform already developed by the consultancy – in collaboration with digital design group QR8 – for Graduates Yorkshire’s own site, which has proved extremely successful, he says.

The service, formerly funded by the East of England Development Agency, will be run as a social enterprise.

Honey has also created the Graduates Yorkshire Internships brand, which launches this week.

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