More thoughts on what D&AD’s new team should do

A couple of weeks ago, you canvassed people’s thoughts on what issues the new president and deputy president at D&AD should address over the next 12 months (Voxpop, DW 24 September).

Although, as an organisation, D&AD needs to ensure its relevance to an increasingly international and diverse audience, it also needs to remain confident and single-minded, staying true to what it believes in and stands for.

In my opinion, it should be promoting, educating and rewarding excellence in originality, beauty, craft and communication, but not in fashion or self-indulgence.

On a slightly more selfish note – and as a member of D&AD North’s committee – I am keen for the new team to retain D&AD’s commitment to improving the benefits of membership for those who are located outside of the capital. I’d also like to see morelectures, more exhibitions, more work with colleges and, hopefully, therefore, more members.
Richard Scholey, Creative director, Elmwood, by e-mail

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