This new smart packaging has sensors that show when food has expired

The packaging concept is being developed by research company Sintef, and will be made of plant-based material and include sensors that change colour as food sours.

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Packaging that aims to extend shelf life of food and uses smart tech to inform users when food has gone off is being developed.

Prototypes have been unveiled for the packaging, developed by scientific research company Sintef, which is made from biodegradable plant-based material, and contains a sensor that notifies people when the food inside has expired.

The packaging also helps to preserve food, says Sintef, through the addition of nanoparticles which provide better oxygen barriers than regular plastic packaging.

The company adds that the use of biodegradable material also aims to reduce the consumer’s carbon footprint.

Four prototypes have been developed: a bottle, in collaboration with manufacturer Logoplaste; a pot, in collaboration with manufacturer Argo; a plastic food bowl alternative made from layers of cellulose film with biopolymer layers; and a cling film and plastic bag alternative.

Sintef has also added nanocapsules into the packaging to create a sensor that changes colour as food sours. As food goes off, its pH changes, causing the nanocapsules to break down and change colour. The research company says it will be the manufacturer’s decision as to where on the packaging the sensor will be incorporated.

It is yet to be announced when the packaging will be going to market.

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