US-based telecommunications business ACC Telecom has a new retail identity by Callcott Anderson Design Associates. The logo is intended to help ACC Telecom gain presence in an international marketplace.

PSD Associates has designed the first one-button pager for Swatch Telecommunications. It also created the packaging and identity for the device, named the Beep Box. The product hit German retailers’ shelves two weeks ago and will roll out in the UK and across Europe in the latter half of this year. ‘The pager is unique in that it only needs one button to access the features and functions,’ says PSD director Steve Hughes.

Paper manufacturer MoDo is about to launch the Papermax range of laser-jet paper, with packaging designed by Nucleus to create an emotional appeal to the product.

Conran Design Group is to create a 1m visitor centre at Leith, Edinburgh, for HMY Britannia, to be housed at the port’s new ocean terminal.

Advertising group TMP is working on promotion and point-of-sale material for National Franchise Week, which coincides with the British Franchise exhibition to be held in October.

Bicycle design guru Alex Moulton is focusing his attention on the rather broad universal adult market with his new series Moulton. The frame is furnished from small steel tubes to ensure the bicycle is light and nippy. And if you get tired you can take it apart and store it in the boot of your car. At the launch of the bike at the Royal College of Art, Moulton said it was born out of the resolve to ‘challenge and improve upon the classic bicycle with its large wheels and diamond frame which had remained unchanged for 70 years’.

US group FRCH Design Worldwide’s New York office is to get a new senior president/ creative director, Christopher Barriscale, from 1 May. The group’s UK clients have included House of Fraser and Selfridges (DW 14 February 1997).

Building Design Partnership receives a Special Award at the biennial National Lighting Design Awards today, for a lighting system for the 24-hour computer hall at the School of Computing and Information Systems, University of Sunderland.

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