CDT releases Government report

The newly-formed Department for Culture, Media and Sport has released its first annual report since being formed from the Department of National Heritage, created by CDT Design. The consultancy is also working on a new identity for the department.

The report has been designed along similar creative lines to those CDT is currently developing for the DCMS as a whole.

“The annual report acts as a kind of holding identity. It is different from last year’s, reflecting the department’s new direction, but it is not the final identity,” says a DCMS spokeswoman.

The report carries the words “The Department for Culture, Media and Sport” in place of a logo and incorporates artwork from second-year students at the Royal College of Art.

CDT was appointed late last year (DW 5 December 1997) after a four-way proposals pitch. It has been researching the department’s core values and hopes to report its findings by the end of the month. The group will then look to develop a creative brief.

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