Finch’s Liverpool identity is a lazy, uninspiring cocktail

You can’t imagine how depressing it is for me not to be able to congratulate Liverpool for conceiving and producing a courageous brand identity worthy of the creative energy, brilliant originality and great heritage of this idiosyncratic and marvellous city (DW 2 April).

But what do we have? A lazy, dull, unimaginative and uninspiring cocktail of poorly conceived and drearily executed graphics.

I often used to ask designers who worked with me to tell me the idea before they showed it to me – quite a good test to see if there was an idea. But how on earth would anyone describe the idea behind this dismal piece of work? Bogus handwriting and a predictable skyline.

Liverpool ten. Brand identity nil. What a shameful shame.

Michael Wolff, Founder, Michael Wolff & Company, London WC1

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