Let’s dump the concept of ambition vs lifestyle

It’s always good to see Design Week (West life feature, DW 26 March) re-exploding the frustratingly persistent myth that designers can’t combine ambition and lifestyle outside the capital (we even have broadband, decent coffee and schools for the kids!).

Ambition and quality of life are not mutually exclusive – perhaps this is true in London, but not in the South West. I believe ambitious designers thrive here fuelled by opportunities and fresh air.

The 45-strong Epoch team, and our success spanning over 17 years, is testament to sustained ambition. We usually go head to head with the very biggest international consultancies – and we win with creativity, quality of service and enthusiasm.Many clients (whether in London, Leeds, Brussels, Geneva, Atlanta or Nempnett Thrubwell) don’t worry where we are as long as we keep delivering ideas.

The jaded London view of ‘ambition vs lifestyle’ is surely history. We’re already attracting, recruiting and retaining world-class talent in this glorious region. With an increasingly collaborative community, thanks to the likes of Bristol Media and the South West Design Forum, this area is becoming known as a discerning destination for the brightest designers.

Dave Forman, Creative director, Epoch, Bristol BS1 4LH

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